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Contact Lens Insertion & Removal Instructions


  • Wash your hands thoroughly using a pure soap that does not contain additives - anti-bacterial pump soap is the best. Be sure to rinse all soap off of your hands before handling contact lens. If necessary, use a fingernail brush to thoroughly clean the fingers and hands.
  • Close or cover the drain when working over a basin. We recommend putting a paper towel over the drain and the bottom of the sink.
  • Place the lens, with the concave surface facing you, on the tip of your right index finger.
  • Reach your left arm up over your head and use the middle finger of your left hand to pull the upper eyelid and eyelashes up to the bone in the eyebrow.
  • Place the middle finger of your right hand at the lower eyelid and pull it down.
  • YOU MUST KEEP BOTH EYES OPEN WHILE INSERTING YOUR CONTACT LENSES; closing one eye will make the other eye want to close since they open and close together normally, and this may impede the insertion process.
  • Slowly bring the right index finger, with the lens on it toward the eye. Gently place the lens on the eye. If this is not working for you, you may be off in the finger-to-eye coordination. Most people undershoot and actually try to put the lens on causing it to end up more on the lower eyelid, so if you are following these directions without success, try pushing the lens up a few millimeters when it is close to your eye, then bring it forward. It may feel awkward, but it is probably better centered this way to go on.
  • Make sure your fingers are dry. REMEMBER - a lens sticks to wet surfaces (like the eye) better than dry surfaces, so if your finger is too wet, it will keep sticking to your finger and when you try to put it on the eye, it won't adhere properly.
  • Gently place the lens on the eye. DO NOT FORCE THE LENS ON THE EYE OR PRESS IT ON. This will cause the lens to fold and be rejected.
  • Release the lower eyelid first, look up/down/left and right a few times, then slowly release the upper eyelid. Blink slowly several times.
  • Cover your other eye and look at distant objects to make sure the lens it is in place.
  • Repeat the same procedure for the other eye. After inserting your lenses, rinse your contact lens case thoroughly with your rinsing solution and let it air dry.

When removing the lens, it is important to remember from the section on inserting the lens that the lens being mostly water, sticks to wet things better than dry things. If you try to remove a wet contact lens in your eye with a dry finger, it can be difficult. Try wetting the ball of your finger with a drop of saline. If you use the wet part of that finger to touch the lens with, it will stick to the finger and come out easier when you try to pull it out! Always consult your doctor if the lens isn't coming out of your eye easily after several tries.  
Always remove the same lens first.

  • Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly.
  • There are two recommended methods of lens removal: the Pinch Method and the Forefinger and Thumb Method. You should follow the method that was recommended by your eye care practitioner.

Pinch Method

  • Look up; slide the lens to the lower part of the eye using the forefinger.
  • Gently pinch the lens between the thumb and forefinger.
  • Remove the lens.

Forefinger & Thumb Method

  • Place your hand or towel under your eye to catch the lens.
  • Place your forefinger on the center of the upper lid and your thumb on the center of the lower lid.
  • Press in and force a blink. The lens should fall onto your hand or the towel.
  • Remove the other lens by following the same procedure


  • Always wash and dry hands before handling contact lenses.
  • Never use water or saliva to clean contact lenses.
  • Clean your contact lenses after each use.
  • Do not sleep or swim with contact lenses.
  • If your eye(s) is red or is irritated do not use contact lenses and contact our office.